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It is indeed but seems like our generation has forgotten it.we making money ,win friends and afford the luxuries life and lifestyle but we are shortening our life span. Take charge of  our life and switch to healthy habits while there is still time.

Products and services

Our service are both indoor office as well as outdoor in corporate house . Services are:

1. Professional Soft skills

  • Professional soft skills .
    This courses is useful for freshers whom are final year and planning to services .
  • Executive soft skills
    This course is for executive who are working as company and want to mastering in soft skill and
    promotion in their organisation.
  • Advance Managerial soft skills
    This course is for director ,principal, HOD, and other administrative position.it is useful for good
    relationships with subordinate in the organisation.
  • Entrepreneurship soft skills

This course is prepare for employees of small company to coordinates each other upper to lower
and lower to upper communications Accountability and responsibilities for growth of company.

2. Nutritional and dietary consultant and training

  • Life cycle nutrition and dietary management.
  • Clinical nutrition and dietary management
  • Food and Hygiene services management.

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3. Health monitoring And check up

Monitoring the various (NCDs)Non communicable disease :—

  • pulmonary Heart problem.
  • diabetics
  • Hypertension
  • metabolic syndrome
  • Arthritis, cholesterol, BP
  • Sugar, obesitys Malnutrition
  • liver and kindly function tests.

4). Physical fitness

Major training of yoga and other pranayama for fitness and active.

5. Conflicts Management

  • Personal conflict.
  • interpersonal conflict.
  • Corporate conflict.
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